It is so nice to meet you! 

I'm Erica & I work from home on Vancouver Island, Canada. I am a stay at home mom to two little ladies, Aspen (age 2.5) and Emmy (age 4 months). I am also a wife of 7 years, to my amazing husband Thomas. 

Before i took the leap into making jewelry full time, I worked with letters & design. Particularly custom made invitations + calligraphy art pieces. The name "mouse + quill" steamed from my love of graphic design: "mouse", and hand painted calligraphy: "quill". 

My passion for polymer clay jewelry began in early April of 2019. We decided to take a leap & move into a RV + travel for the summer. We explored the Oregon Coast, spent a few weeks in Arizona, then in Montana. Unfortunately, when we downsized I ended up putting all of my art supplies in storage and was left with nothing. I started itching for some sort of creative outlet and that's when i bought my first bricks of clay. I rolled the clay in my hands on the tiny bathroom floor in our RV + baked my first pieces for earrings. I made a few pairs + gave a few to my sister and a few months later decided to start making them full time. 

As a creative person at my core, my goal is to put a tiny bit of my heart into every piece I make. Whether it be a simplistic white pair with extreme attention to detail or a hand painted pair with gold leafing and engraving, every pair is made with love. Polymer clay is such an amazing material to work with because of how versatile it is, i can incorporate the other art mediums i know into it, and turn it into something special. 

Thank you for your support in my little business! It goes straight to my family + we appreciate it so much!